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Admission Process

Right College for a Right Student...

At BMC, we offer students a time-tested and positive process that enables a quick admission at a right and most suitable B-School. Our expertise guides the students through every step of admission process from choosing a right specialization, choice of B-Schools and Loan approvals etc. Students go through the following process to complete the admission at any B-School listed under BMC:

Step 1 - Registration:

Students visit the website and register online to begin admission process.

Step 2 - Pre-Counselling over the phone:

As an authentic start of the process, BMC would like to ensure that the students are very serious in pursuing PG courses. Our Counsellors call them over the phone and collect details such as academic records, financial status, parent’s background and their interest in enrolling for PG course etc.

Step 3 – Conducting Telephonic Interview

Admission experts from BMC will examine the details provided by the students over the phone and assess their interest, eligibility and chance of getting an admission into a right B-School. Our counsellors also call back the students/parents and explain them if there are any barriers for the admission and suggest the ways to over come. At this stage our finance experts will as well decide on the study loan possibility and the same is informed to the student / parent.

Step 4 - Call Letter

On completion of the Telephonic Round of Interview, a cluster of students who can get sure shot admission at right college are filtered and sent an official offer letter. These are the students who can even avail study loan without any hazel. Student willing to accept our letter will have to come to our office along with a decision maker to complete the further formalities.

Step 5 - Campus Visit:

Campus is a place where the student is going to spend their next term of further education. It is very important that they should love the premises.

Step 6 - Admission:

Student finally decides a college for an Admission and completes the admission formalities at the B-School..